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Information Technology
Technology systems have grown faster than an organization’s ability to utilize them properly, and strategic utilization of your company’s data and technology is of vital importance to your operational success. R3 can help you harness your information flow across people, departments and locations, so that your tech systems are integrated, effective and productive. Technology is your single most important structural asset and R3 can help transform your core host systems into the next generation business applications.

R3 analyzes your needs across multiple dimensions and intersections. We can devise strategies for reducing IT support costs across traditional functional areas, as well as innovative foundational components that materially affect your company's ability to effectively realize its mission objectives.

R3 offers the technical excellence and experience to assess and improve the value of enterprise applications and programs. We understand the unique technology landscapes, business drivers and processes. R3 provides cost effective, strategic and reliable enterprise application management and modernization solutions.

R3 has the development and delivery skills to assess, recommend and implement a solution for your technology integration needs.

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Representative Client Work:
» R3 staff are working to streamline enterprise technology for managing finances and procurements at the Department of Homeland Security - the R3 team is described as "consistently outstanding."
» Evaluating the security posture of IT systems, and making recommendations to the System Owner, Certifying Authority and the Approving Authority at DHS Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) Resource Management Transformation (RMT) Division.
» Performing cyber security auditing activities for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
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